Clever Bedroom Ideas You'll Love

December 10, 2020

Clever Bedroom Ideas

Here at Beds On Legs we might not know everything, however, we do have some clever bedroom ideas. Indeed, when it comes to anything bed related we are often accused of being 'know it alls!' The good thing is that we love to share our knowledge, not a stingy lot at all! In this blog we've created a list of clever bedroom ideas that might just change your bedroom game. From clever storage beds, to TV beds we've got it covered. For more bedroom ideas then head over to our Pinterest page.

Clever Bedroom Ideas # 1 Storage Beds

A storage bed could quite possibly be the jewel in your decorating crown. Without a doubt, storage beds have revolutionised bedrooms across the country. And no, we're not exaggerating. Indeed, in the past divans covered in valances was all you could get . However, things have changed and for the better. Yup, storage beds have been revived and remodelled so that even those trendy young things amongst us want one.

Divan beds are now designed to be seen. Upholstered in fabric that you want to show off and available with headboards that are bang on trend. Plus they're mega comfy too! However, the king of the storage beds has to be the Ottoman bed. To the untrained eye, these beds look just like a divan bed. However, an Ottoman bed utilises the entire space underneath the bed. This means that you can get up to four times the amount of storage as a standard divan!

Bedroom Ideas

Clever Bedroom Ideas # 2 TV Beds

Just when you thought you couldn't get any better than the Ottoman bed let us introduce you to the TV bed. If you love your tech then you'll find a TV bed simply impossible to resist. These fabulous beds can house a TV in the footboard and then it can be hidden when not in use. Therefore, you can say goodbye to all those ugly cables. What's more some of our TV beds also house Ottoman storage too, making them practical to boot.

TV Beds

Clever Bedroom Ideas # 3 Guest Beds

If you've got a spare bedroom and you don't want a bed to take over the space then you should look at investing in a guest bed. When not in use these clever beds only take up the space of a single. But with the wave of a wand, well not quite, these beds can be transformed into a bed suitable for two. What's more these beds are also fantastic for children and those all important sleep overs.

Bedroom Ideas

Clever Bedroom Ideas # 4 Small Double Beds

What's a small double bed we hear you ask? Well quite simply, it's a smaller version of a standard double bed. In fact it is exactly six inches smaller in width. Whilst this might not seem a lot, in a bedroom that has tidy proportions this can make all the difference. Furthermore, a lot of small double beds come with storage too. Win, win.

Bedroom Ideas

Clever Bedroom Ideas # 5 Bunk Beds

We can't write a blog about clever bedroom ideas without mentioning the stalwart of clever beds, a.k.a the bunk bed. These beds have been the space saving heroes in bedrooms for centuries. In fact, historians suggest that they date back to 1400 – 1500. Therefore, it's pretty safe to say bunk beds will never go out of fashion. In today's world bunk beds are particularly suitable for children's bedrooms. However, we must warn you that once a bunk bed is owned, arguments the top bunk will ensue.

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