Looking For A Blue Velvet Ottoman Bed?

February 10, 2021

blue velvet Ottoman bed

Buy A Blue Velvet Ottoman Bed For Bedroom Luxury

We've got a new crush in the shape of a blue velvet Ottoman bed. Just when we thought we would never fall out of love with grey beds along came the blue velvet Ottoman bed to steal our hearts. Without a doubt, coloured fabric beds are starting to become stalwarts in the bedrooms of trendsetters across the nation. Indeed, a blue velvet Ottoman bed is a great way of adding depth and luxury to any bedroom. Velvet has long been the textile choice for royalty and it's easy to see why. Not only does it look Insta worthy but it feels divine too. What better way of making yourself feel like the king of your castle than to climb into a lush velvet bed on a night! Warning, this blog will make you yearn for a blue velvet Ottoman bed in your home.

Blue Velvet Ottoman Bed

 The Sterling Ottoman Bed

Sterling by name, sterling by nature. This Ottoman is brand spanking new to our website and it's already proving to be a popular model. With a contemporary styled headboard this blue velvet Ottoman bed is set to be a show piece in bedrooms across the nation. Furthermore, the sterling has tidy proportions that makes it suitable for those looking to maximise on space. And that's not all, as this bed is an Ottoman, storage is a plenty. With gas lift hydraulic arms you don't need bulging biceps to access the storage either.

Blue Velvet Ottoman Bed

The Nightingale Ottoman Bed

Who can resist the timeless appeal of a chesterfield styled Ottoman bed? The Nightingale has oodles of charm that is befitting of traditional and contemporary bedrooms. Indeed a buttoned backed headboard never fails to look good and continues to transcend interior trends. As with the Sterling, the Nightingale has great proportions for those looking for bed that's not too dominating. Available as a single, small double, double, king size and super king size this bed has got all the options covered. Again this blue velvet Ottoman bed has hidden storage that will make your storage woes a thing of the past.

Blue Velvet Ottoman Bed

The Hermine Ottoman Bed

The Hermine is so stunning it's hard not to fall in love with this blue velvet Ottoman bed. With its elegant buttoned headboard this bed is classically designed. Without a doubt, purchasing this bed is a wise investment as it classic good looks will always be in style. Furthermore, the headboard is a magnificent 138 cm high making it a real stand out piece. Again, this bed incorporates an impressive amount of storage meaning you'll never have to struggle for storage again! For more inspiration visit our Pinterest page.

Blue Velvet Ottoman Bed

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