A Bigger bed, is it Better? All the Facts

February 10, 2021

Bigger bed

Is a bigger bed better? Upsizing 101

Is bigger really better? Well, you've heard the saying 'the best things come in small packages'. However when buying a bed this isn't always the case . This is particularly true in regards to couples buying a bed. There are a number of reasons why a larger sleeping area is better. Here are our top reasons for why you need to ditch the standard double and go large.

Bigger bed

Partner Disturbance

Whilst it's lovely to snuggle up to a significant other, the truth is that partner disturbance is the biggest cause for lack of sleep. A standard double is 135cms wide, indeed that's a meagre 67.5cms each. A baby's cot is normally 70cms wide and so it's pretty crazy that as adults we sleep in less space. Indeed a larger bed such as a King Size gives you 75cms sleeping space and a Super King gives you a whopping 90cms.

A Big Room Deserves a Larger Bed

If you're lucky enough to have a substantial bedroom then you need to go large. A small bed looks lost in bedroom with stately proportions. So act like the king of your castle and get a bed that makes you feel like royalty.

Three in the Bed and the Little One Said

Modern families often spend precious family time in the bedroom together. Movies are watched and memories are made. With a bigger sleeping space all the family can squeeze in without anyone being pushed out.

Ease those Aches and Pains

For those who suffer from any aches and pains a larger sleeping space is preferential. This is because a larger surface area allows the individual to move more freely.

The Experts Say Bigger is Better

The sleep council are advocates of larger sleeping spaces and these people know their beds. Moreover these guys make sleep their business and all their advice is impartial.

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