Journaling before bed and it's benefits

February 10, 2021

Dear Diary, journaling before bed really helps you to sleep well

Put your hand up if your remember journaling as an angst ridden teenager. Putting pen to paper and getting rid of all those turbulent feelings is something many of us did in our younger years. If you didn't, then it's not too late! As adults, journaling is something few of us continue to do. After all, why write when you can type? However, there is strong evidence to suggest that journaling before bed really does help get you off to the land of nod. Evidence also suggests that journaling before bed makes us shinier, happier people. So maybe it's time you started scribbling and getting those pesky worries out of your head.


Worry, sleep enemy number one

Worry keeps most of us awake at night. You know the drill. The lights go out, your head hits the pillow and the worry begins. The negative self chatter about what you need/should/shouldn't do seems endless. In a study of 57 adults, researchers at Baylor and Emory University found that writing to do lists helped people fall asleep an average nine minutes faster. Journaling for many of us can feel therapeutic and can help stop rumination in its tracks. So if journaling before bed helps to get your mind off the merry go round then it has to be worth giving it a go.

Journaling before bed helps the body grow stronger

There is a growing body of evidence that suggest that journaling can benefit the physical body as well as the mind. The belief is that by journaling you are expressing stress and giving structure to anxious feelings. This in turn reduces the effect of stress on the body. A win win situation.

Be grateful

When journaling before bed it is also a good idea to make a point of listing things that you are grateful for. In a world where we are made to feel like we constantly need to improve ourselves it is easy to forget the good things that we already have. When we force ourselves to write things down that we are grateful for, we can begin to see how rich our lives really are.

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