Bedroom Space Saving Ideas

April 11, 2018

Bedroom Space Saving Ideas

Bedroom Space Saving Ideas, All The Tips

If you're looking for bedroom space saving ideas then you've come to the right place. Having a small bedroom can present some challenges. However we've got some fabulous solutions that will turn your bedroom from tiny to terrific. These space saving ideas are, in fact, great for anyone who wants to maximise every inch of space. One of the key ingredients for creating a relaxing bedroom is having enough storage so that you can keep your room orderly. So if your bedroom is starting to resemble a table top sale at a village hall then read on and reclaim your sanctuary.

Turn your Bed into a Space Saving Solution.

When looking for bedroom space saving ideas then it's time to turn your attention to your bed. The bed is often the unsung hero of bedroom storage. Oh no, we hear you cry...don't recommend a valance adorned divan bed. Well we can't talk about storage beds without talking about the humble divan bed, can we? Before your eyes gloss over though, hear us out. Over the last few years the divan bed has undergone a massive makeover. We've got a wide selection of fabric covered divan bases with ultra cool headboards that are anything but grim. Take a look at the Padstow pictured below. Pretty cool eh? For all our divan beds click here

Bedroom Space Saving Ideas

Of course the daddy of all storage bed is the not so humble Ottoman bed. When it comes to storage this bed means business. With up to four times the amount of storage available as a four drawer divan bed, the Ottoman bed knocks all the other beds out of the park. In fact we would argue that out of all our bedroom space saving ideas then this is possibly the best, due to the sheer volume of storage on offer. You could store almost anything in these, including the kitchen sink. For all our Ottoman beds click here

Bedroom Space Saving Ideas

As regards bedroom space saving ideas for children then there are a number of options. Of course you could utilise the aforementioned Ottoman bed. Or you might prefer to invest in a mid sleeper or a high sleeper bed. These beds house the bed on top and beneath you can have wardrobes, drawers or even a desk. The other great thing about these beds is that children love them, so getting them up the apples and pears may be less of a challenge! For all our high sleepers click here and our mid sleepers click here

Bedroom Space Saving Ideas

Bedroom Space Saving Ideas.

Of course there are plenty of other bedroom space saving ideas. One relatively economical idea is to utilise shelves. We would recommend using floating shelves to create more of a clutter free appeal. Another area that is often underused is the foot of the bed. If space permits this is great place to put a low bookshelf, an Ottoman or even a low chest of drawers.

Bedroom Space Saving Ideas

Great lighting is important in any bedroom when you want create ambience. However is space is tight and you can't fit bedside tables in then don't despair, mood lighting can still be yours. Instead of bedside table you can have hanging lights that don't require an inch of space. As an added bonus they look pretty cool too.

Bedroom Space Saving Ideas

So if your we're scratching your head on how to create more space in your bedroom you can see that there are in fact a number of solutions. For all our space saving beds click here

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