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Discover the 4ft Bed

4ft beds are the lesser known of all the bed sizes but once discovered they will never be forgotten. If you've ever wrestled with a tape measure, trying to get a double bed into a tight spot, then you'll be forever grateful for 4ft beds. Just when you thought you were going to have to become a master craftsman , take down walls or worse still, settle on a single bed, 4ft beds save the day.

'I didn't even know they made 4ft beds' you'll say to yourself and anyone listening whilst feeling the panic gradually ebb away.

The advantages of 4ft beds

Besides the fact they can save you from under taking some major construction work, 4ft beds have lots of advantages. Even if you have ample space in your bedroom then a small double bed can free up valuable space. This is particularly of use in a guest bedroom of a child's bedroom. It can also help a room appear larger. In fact, when new houses are 'dressed' to sell, designers will quite often use 4ft beds to give the illusion of more space.

Furthermore when a child is moving into a new bed, from a single bed, a 4ft bed can serve as a good transition. Although a lot of children are delighted to get a bigger bed they can often feel overwhelmed going in a full double bed. 4ft beds helps to maintain a certain amount of cosiness whilst feeling uber grown up at the same time.

4ft Bed

Style of 4ft beds

As the proverb goes, different strokes for different folks and that's why we do our best to cater for all tastes. We have everything from simple white wooden beds to glamorous upholstered little numbers. When it comes to interior nuances, we leave no stone unturned. We even have a fabulous build a bed section for those who like to unleash their creative side.

4ft Bed

Not just petite but practical too

Not only do 4ft beds have magical proportions but they can be pretty practical to boot. For example a number of our beds come with the options of drawers in the base. Or if you really want to go to town, you can even get 4ft beds with Ottoman storage which can house up to four times the amount as a normal divan.

4ft bed

One final consideration...

When considering the purchase of 4ft beds you must make sure you take heed of all the overall dimensions.  This is especially crucial if the reason why you are buying a 4ft bed in the first place is because it can't be larger than a specific size. Whilst the mattress it holds will always measure 120 x 190cm, the bases themselves can vary. For a example a wooden bed with a chunky head and foot end might measure considerable more than the mattress. If trying to keep your measurements trim then the divan style beds are the best options to consider as they will be closest in size to mattress measurements. The essential package, as picture below, is always a popular choice with those purchasing 4ft beds.

4ft Bed

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