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White Ottoman & Storage Beds

White Ottoman & Storage Beds

White Ottoman & White Storage Beds

If you are looking for a fresh & simple look, white ottoman beds or white storage beds are a perfect choice.  The majority of the designs have simple clean lines with headboards that don't over power your bedroom & their bright white finish reflects light, giving your bedroom a bright airy feel.

White Ottoman & white storage beds are so versatile and you can create so many styles of bedrooms with them, Coastal, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Country.  The list is endless, so should you get bored of your decor, you can easily create a different look without the expense of changing your bed.

These beds are so practical and white ottoman beds hold up to 4 times the amount of storage as a normal drawer bed.  You really can't beat a white ottoman bed for maximising the amount of storage in your bedroom, making them the ideal place to hide your clutter.

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