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Velvet Beds | Crushed Velvet Beds

Velvet Beds

Here at Beds on Legs we LOVE soft furnishings, so fabric beds are another wonderful way we can add texture and colour to our home. Our much-loved fabric of choice is luxurious Velvet & Crushed Velvet. There are so many fantastic qualities about Velvet. Velvet Beds can instantly transform the mood of a bedroom from clinical and lifeless, to warm and homely.

Velvet beds have a smooth unmistakable texture and a short dense pile that catches the light beautifully. A clever blend of colours and textures in your bedroom can create a truly unique space. The gleam of a velvet bed adds a welcoming sumptuous touch.

We have a wide range of Velvet shades available. Black Velvet looks dramatic and makes a statement. Mink, Grey & Silver Velvet finishes are very popular, wonderful colours to opt for. These neutral tones are great to decorate with. Once you have this texture and tone why not be brave and inject an unexpected punch of colour. Some of us can be quite reserved in choosing bold and sumptuous fabrics. Taking the plunge can transform a basic NICE bedroom into a striking, stylish space you won't want to leave! Sometimes, it’s refreshing not to take your décor too seriously.  If you love something, just do it and the results will speak for themselves.

A fashionable velvet bed frame can inject a new lease of life into an already decorated bedroom. Simply layering various shades and textures can soften the arrival of a new addition and make the whole room come to life. It’s a simple design trick that really works wonders – and it’s incredibly easy to pull off too.

Velvet Sleigh beds with buttoned headboards are leading the trend this year. These beautifully designed Velvet beds look super chic. Some of these lush velvet beds have crystals instead of buttons in the headboard, adding a touch of sparkle to your bedroom. Crushed Velvet is a dramatic variation of standard Velvet. Crushed Velvet is produced by pressing the pile of the velvet fabric down in different directions. The result is a patterned appearance that is exceedingly lustrous and creates a real depth and beauty to its plush pile.  Fabric beds finished in crushed velvet are very fashionable and part of a growing trend that's only set to continue in 2016.

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