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Grey Beds | Grey Fabric Beds

Silver / Grey Fabric Beds

Grey is the colour of the moment! It is without doubt the most popular colour we have seen in recent years. Here at Beds on Legs we have been carefully selecting and building our range of Grey and Silver beds. We truly have a stunning range to choose from. If you want to make a statement, you can choose an opulent chesterfield style grey sleigh bed in sumptuous Silver or Grey Velvet. It will be the show stopper taking centre stage in your bedroom. Whilst still looking fabulous, Grey is a subtle colour choice that will fit perfectly with your other furniture and décor.

Grey & Silver are a neutral colours, a calming shade perfect for the bedroom.   Grey comes in many guises but essentially it is the middle ground between black and white. Yes it is impartial sitting in the middle but it is also the colour that will not fight with it's surroundings. It is a springboards for you to add colours and patterns to. It can even be the colour to carry throughout the rest of the room thus keeping your room sophisticated and tranquil. To help keep that soothing feel perhaps consider a Silver or Grey Fabric Bed with Ottoman storage. Ottoman beds keep all of your clutter out of sight and safely stored away.

2 Products
2 Products