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Sleep Disorders And Treatments

Sleep Disorders 101 Sleep disorders are not pleasant to live with. In fact they can outright ruin people’s lives. Sleep disorders are wide ranging and many people are unlucky enough to live with one type or another. However, there is hope as sleep disorders can be managed or alleviated completely. Indeed, you may be able […]

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sleigh Ottoman Bed

A Sleigh Ottoman Bed For Beauty And Practicality

Why You Need A Sleigh Ottoman Bed In Your Bedroom If you want to combine classic good looks and practicality then you need to consider a sleigh Ottoman bed. Indeed, sleigh beds have long been heralded as items of timeless beauty. Without a doubt their elegant style has stood the test of time and sleigh […]

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Need Sleep

Why We Need Sleep For Optimum Health

Why We Need Sleep We need sleep like the desert needs the rain. Seriously, a good night’s slumber is so important to our health. It is also massively underestimated by hoards of people world wide. In fact, we would go as far as to say that we need our kip more than we need food […]

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grey upholstered bed

Get a Grey Upholstered Bed At Beds On Legs

Own A Grey Upholstered Bed For An On Trend Look If you’re in the market for a grey upholstered bed then you’ve come to the right place.  Here at Beds On Legs we must confess that we’re a little obsessed with these beds. As a result of this fascination with all beds grey, we’ve searched […]

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Small Bedroom

Maximise A Small Bedroom With Eight Tips

Making The Most Of A Small Bedroom So you’ve got a small bedroom and you want to maximise its space. Whilst a postage stamp sized bedroom can be frustrating to decorate, it isn’t impossible. Indeed, there are multiple ways in which you can fool the eye and make a small bedroom work hard for its […]

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Modern Ottoman Beds

Modern Ottoman Beds At Their Best

Modern Ottoman Beds Uncovered If you’re looking for a selection of modern Ottoman beds then you’ve come to the right place. Here, at Beds On Legs, we are dedicated to offering you a vast array of these much sought after beds. Indeed, modern Ottoman beds have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks […]

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Stress affects sleep

How Stress Affects Sleep And What To Do About It

How Stress affects sleep Without a doubt, stress affects sleep. Indeed the two together are not good bed partners! What’s more, stress and lack of sleep feed each other and so you end up in a vicious cycle. Your life starts to feel like you’re on a not so fun merry-go-round that you just can’t […]

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Storage Bed Options

Bed Storage Options Fully Explained

Bed Storage Options Explained So you need a new bed, but what about bed storage options? Do you go continental, Ottoman, end lift, side lift, drawers or nothing at all. What do all these bed storage options even mean? If it all sounds like a load of mumbo jumbo then you’re not on your own. […]

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Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket Spring Mattresses Explained

Pocket Spring Mattresses, What’s the Deal? For years pocket spring mattresses have been perennial favourites with our customers at Beds On Legs. But whilst a bed sales person can extol the benefits of pocket spring mattresses until the cows come home, few people actually understand what they are. What’s more, when you start researching them […]

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Memory Foam Mattresses Too Hot To Handle?

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Too Hot? A small percentage of people find memory foam mattresses too hot. The last thing you want when you drift off to the lad of nod is to start having hot flushes. Overheating in the night is not conducive to a restful night sleep. Indeed, the last thing you want […]

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