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sleeping with anxiety

Sleeping With Anxiety, How To Improve It

Tools To Aid Sleeping With Anxiety Anxiety and sleep do not make good bedfellows. Anybody who has ever suffered will know that sleeping with anxiety can be a real struggle. Indeed, the connection between the two is complex. Without a doubt, they both feed into each other in a vicious cycle that can feel impossible […]

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Bedroom Storage

How Make The Most Out Of Bedroom Storage

Maximise Your Bedroom Storage Whether it’s your main bedroom, child’s bedroom or guest room, bedroom storage is a necessity. Whether you need to store your threads away or organise your favourite reads you’ll need to put solutions in place. Indeed, many of us feel like we lack sufficient bedroom storage.  However, a few handy storage hacks […]

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cosy bedroom

How To Create A Cosy Bedroom

Welcome Autumn In With A Cosy Bedroom As we bid farewell to Summer days a lot of us start to feel like hibernating. With Autumn approaching this is the perfect time to create a cosy bedroom. Indeed, what can feel better when the weather is changing to come to home to a cosy bedroom. Without […]

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beds on legs

Why Should You Chose Beds On Legs?

The Story Of Beds On Legs Here at Beds On Legs we’ve been trading on the internet for a mahoosive 18 years and we’re still going strong. We’re passionate about all things bed and sleep related. In fact, we have even been accused of being a little too obsessive! However, we believe that every body […]

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Mattress Care

Mattress Care Guide, A Beds On Legs Guide

Mattress Care, All You Need To Know Just about everybody owns a mattress but how many people know about actual mattress care? You may think because your mattress is hidden beneath sheets then it really doesn’t need looking after. However, mattress care is essential for not only extending the life of your mattress but keeping […]

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glam bedroom

How To Create A Glam Bedroom

Create A Glam Bedroom If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your home then you may be thinking of creating a glam bedroom. Without a doubt, modern day living can you leave you feeling frazzled and burnt out. A glam bedroom can be the perfect antidote to the strains of every day life. We […]

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organised bedroom

How To Get An Organised Bedroom

Get An Organised Bedroom Like A Pro If you’re looking to create an organised bedroom then the good news is that there is loads you can do. From investing in some nifty storage to getting ruthless with yourself, an organised bedroom is within everyone’s reach. Yes, even yours! What’s more you’ll be amazed at how […]

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coloured fabric bed

Mix It Up With A Coloured Fabric Bed

Spice Up Your Bedroom With A Coloured Fabric Bed Are you trying to add a bit of va va voom to your bedroom? Then you need to invest in a coloured fabric bed! Indeed, over the last few months we’ve since a massive surge in popularity of these kind of beds. Whilst once the grey […]

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How To Create A Japandi Bedroom

Say Hello To Japandi Interior Design You’ve heard of Scandi design, you’ve probably even heard of Hygee. But have you heard of Japandi ? If not, then you’re in for a treat and if you have then you’re allowed to feel smug! Without a doubt Japandi is an exciting hybrid design trend. It combines the […]

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Sleep Myths

The Top 5 Sleep Myths Explored

Sleep myths Sleep can sometimes appear like a bit of mystery. We all do it, we all talk about and yet somehow it still remains illusive. We’ve probably all heard our fair share of sleep myths and even bought into some of them. What’s more, these myths can actually harm our heath, both physical and […]

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