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Grey Ottoman Beds

Grey Ottoman Beds are timeless! They offer style and practicality all in one and that will never go out of fashion. Here we are taking a look at three of our best sellers. Grey Ottoman Beds – Helmsley Winged Ottoman Bed The Helmsley Winged Ottoman Bed has a definite ‘Hotel Chic’ look thanks to its […]

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Small Double Beds

4ft Small Double Beds are the perfect in-between size bed. They are not too big and not too small. Almost a double, but not quite! 4ft Small Double Beds – Ottoman Storage Pictured below is the Sweet Dreams Nimbus Ottoman Bed. The Nimbus Ottoman has a perfect mix of having a compact shape bed whilst […]

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Crushed Velvet Beds Setting The Trend

Crushed Velvet Beds are the latest sought after item in the interior design world. As your bed is the main focal point in your bedroom, why not make it really shine! Crushed Velvet Beds – Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman This Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed is a truly stunning design. It combines the quality workmanship associated with […]

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3ft Single Ottoman Beds

3ft Single Ottoman Beds are a great space saving and storage creating bed! The majority of us are more than likely living with at least one small bedroom so we need to maximise this space as much as possible! We are going to take a little look at some of favourite designs. Please bear in mind […]

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Beds on Finance with Beds on Legs

If you did not know already, we offer Beds on Finance. We have teamed up with a secure online credit application service called Divido to offer finance options! Beds on Finance with Beds on Legs Here at Beds on Legs we have a vast range of beds and mattresses available in a multitude of designs […]

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Unique Bedrooms – Part 2

We were completely inspired by our last Unique Bedrooms post. The location and backdrop to all of those unique bedrooms featured amazing locations and scenery. We have found some inspiring ways of pulling the outdoors in. It all revolves around wallpaper! Obviously a stunning bed is also needed to bring the design together. Unique Bedrooms – Kaydian […]

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Unique Bedrooms

When it comes to unique bedrooms the location can have a major impact on just how amazingly unique they can be. Here we are exploring some stunning bedrooms from around the world. Unique Bedrooms – Sleeping Underwater Sleeping with the fishes takes on a whole new meaning here! Imagine waking up to this stunning underwater […]

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Kaydian Walkworth Bed

The Kaydian Walkworth Bed is our favourite type of bed! It is obviously super stylish but the main thing we really love is the supreme quality finish. The workmanship is exceptional throughout the whole process from design to assembly. Kaydian Walkworth Bed – Style If you are wanting to bring a little hotel chic to your bedroom then the […]

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4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds

4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds are available in a multitude of styles and finishes. Here at Beds on Legs we have a vast range of 4ft6 Ottoman Beds that will suit every style and budget too! Sweet Dreams Ottowa Ottoman Bed – 4ft6 Double Ottoman Beds The Sweet Dreams Ottowa Ottoman Bed has a classic winged […]

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Kaydian Maximus TV Bed & Soundbar Review

The Kaydian Maximus TV Bed is a tech lovers dream and it looks amazing too. Click here to purchase the Kaydian Maximus TV Bed Kaydian Maximus TV Bed – Touch & Feel The Maximus is available in Black Bonded Leather. Bonded leather creates a superior finish and should not be confused with lower grade faux […]

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