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guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom, How To Make The Most Of Yours

How To Make The Most Of Your Guest Bedroom The humble guest bedroom is often the most neglected bedroom in the house. All to often it becomes the ‘dumping’ ground for all manner of things. Furthermore, it is often the most underutilised space. But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be […]

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Mattress Buying Myths Exposed

Mattress Buying Myths Mattress buying myths abound and frankly it’s not surprising. Let’s be honest, most people haven’t got a scooby doo about mattresses. Unless you’re a sales person of mattresses, we’re a rare breed, then it’s understandable that your knowledge on mattresses will be limited. Indeed, most people probably buy only three or four […]

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mental health

Mental Health And The Importance Of Sleep

The Effect Of Lack Of Sleep On Mental Health Mental health is just as important to our well being as physical health. Getting plenty of shut eye is a corner stone to our mental well being. In fact, you could consider your bed as a kind of gym for your mental well being. If you […]

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Winged Storage Beds, Fit For Any Bedroom

Get Some Va Va Voom With Our Winged Storage Beds If you’re looking for a bed that has the wow factor then take a peek at our winged storage beds. When it comes to injecting some va va voom into the bedroom then you can’t beat our winged storage beds. Here, at Beds On Legs […]

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Ideal Sleeping Temperature

How To Achieve The Ideal Sleeping Temperature

The Ideal Sleeping Temperature, Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold When looking at the perfect sleep environment you need to pay special attention to the ideal sleeping temperature. If your bedroom feels more like a sauna and you’re fighting with the covers on a nightly basis then your room is too hot. However, if your […]

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Recycle Your Mattress

Recycle Your Mattress With Beds On Legs

Help The Environment, Recycle Your Mattress Recycling has become a cultural norm, so why not recycle your mattress? Perhaps like numerous others you didn’t even know it was possible to recycle your mattress. Indeed, far too many mattresses end up in landfill. In fact 167,000 tonnes of mattresses get sent to landfill every year! Given […]

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Cool Gel 2000 Mattress

Cool Gel 2000 Mattress, Simply The Best.

Meet Our Best Selling Mattress, The Oli Hybrid Cool Gel 2000 Mattress We’d like you to meet one very special mattress, the Oli hybrid cool gel 2000 mattress. This mattress is exclusive to Beds On Legs and it’s top banana. When it comes to quality, comfort and value for money we don’t think you can […]

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Kaydian Fabric Beds

Kaydian Fabric Beds, Meet The Newbies

Meet The Brand New Kaydian Fabric Beds We’re proud to announce our new and exciting line of Kaydian fabric beds. We think these brand spanking new beds are the bees knees and once you’ve viewed them you’ll be forever smitten. Indeed, Kaydian fabric beds are the crème de la crème of fabric beds. The workmanship […]

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Dust Mites

Dust Mites, Your Least Favourite Bed Guest

Dust Mites And How To Reduce Them Dust mites are an unavoidable fact of life.  What’s more, they are more than happy to take up residence in your mattress.  Dust mites feed of our dead skin (Yuk we know!).  They also multiply rapidly in the right conditions. A nice cosy mattress is their ideal habitat. Take a look […]

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Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed

Quadruple Sleeper Bunk Bed, Space Saving Solution

Bunk Up With A Quadruple Sleeper Bunk Bed Most of us have heard of bunk beds and triple sleeper beds but what about a quadruple sleeper bunk bed? Indeed, the quadruple sleeper bunk bed takes the concept of the bunk bed to a whole new level. Arguably this is a bunk bed but with a […]

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