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Art Deco Beds

Art Deco Beds For Unrivaled Glamour

Art Deco Beds, Taking 2020 By Storm   Art Deco beds are making big strides in the world of interiors and it’s easy to see why. Without a doubt, Art Deco is the most popular early 20th decorative style. Whilst Art Deco has always had its staunch followers, it’s starting to become main stream once again. […]

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Sleeping In Menopause

Sleeping In The Menopause And It’s Challenges

The Challenges Of Sleeping In The Menopause Sleeping in the menopause is a challenge that a lot of women face.  Indeed, the change of life as our grandmothers used to call it, can bring with it many uncomfortable changes. The menopause is a time of massive hormonal change that causes disruptions to a woman’s physical and […]

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renovating your bedroom

Renovating Your Bedroom To Sell Your House

Renovating Your Bedroom If you’re looking to sell your house then you might be thinking about renovating your bedroom.  Although it might seem counter intuitive, renovating your bedroom when you’re moving could help you to sell. Or perhaps you’ve purchased a property to renovate as a business and you’re looking for bedroom decor ideas. Whatever your […]

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modern winged Ottoman bed

Looking For A Modern Winged Ottoman Bed?

Purchase A Modern Winged Ottoman Bed For Style And Practicality Are you looking for a modern winged Ottoman bed? Then you might just be in luck!  Here, at Beds On Legs , we’ve got a rather exciting collection that we can’t wait to tell you about. If you’re looking for bed that’s a real show […]

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pink ottoman beds

Pink Ottoman Beds For Grown Up Glamour

Beds On Legs For The Best Pink Ottoman Beds In 2020 we’re crushing on pink Ottoman beds. Without a doubt pink Ottoman beds can bring a bit of grown up glamour to your bedroom. Think pink is just for little girl then think again. A pink bed is a great way of introducing femininity to […]

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Firm Mattress

Considering A Firm Mattress?

Should You Buy A Firm Mattress? If you’re struggling with back pain then you might think you need a firm mattress. Indeed, numerous people would argue that the best thing for troublesome back would be sleeping on a firm surface. We all know that person who claims to have cured their back problem by sleeping […]

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blue velvet Ottoman bed

Looking For A Blue Velvet Ottoman Bed?

Buy A Blue Velvet Ottoman Bed For Bedroom Luxury We’ve got a new crush in the shape of a blue velvet Ottoman bed. Just when we thought we would never fall out of love with grey beds along came the blue velvet Ottoman bed to steal our hearts. Without a doubt, coloured fabric beds are […]

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Update your bedroom furniture

Update Your Bedroom Furniture

Clever Ways To Update Your Bedroom Furniture If you’re looking for a D.I.Y project then why not update your bedroom furniture. Perhaps you’re thinking about remodeling your bedroom and want to change your style completely. However, decorating can be costly and can feel unjustified if you’ve got furniture that’s already in good shape. The good […]

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ochre fabric bed

Go For Gold With A Ochre Fabric Bed

Light Up Your Bedroom With An Ochre Fabric Bed If you ‘re tired of the gloomy winter then why not inject some colour into your home with an ochre fabric bed. Whilst grey beds have ruled the roost for the last few years colourful fabric beds are starting to fight back. Indeed, what could be […]

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dressing room

How To Turn A Spare Room Into A Dressing Room

Glam It Up With A Dressing Room If you’re lucky enough to have a redundant spare room then you might want to consider having a dressing room. In this day and age dressing rooms are not just for the rich and famous. Indeed, if you have a spare bedroom that isn’t serving any purpose then […]

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