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declutter your bedroom

Declutter Your Bedroom This Spring

10 Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom This Spring The arrival of spring is the perfect time to declutter your bedroom. If you feel like this is an insurmountable task then fear not as we have crafted the perfect guide. We bet our bottom dollar that if you declutter your bedroom then you’ll feel like a […]

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Flower Beds

Flower Beds, Get Beautiful Beds Outside

Blooming Beautiful Ideas For Flower Beds We love all things bed related and that includes flower beds. Indeed with the weather starting to warm up many of us are starting to turn our attention to the outside. New growth heralds the start of spring and a sense of hope fills the air. Consequently garden centres […]

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Sleep Effects Skin

Beauty Sleep, How Sleep Effects Skin

Lack Of Sleep Effects Skin For The Worse. Poor sleep effects skin and we don’t need a scientific study to prove it either. Just look in the mirror after a night wrestling with the sheets to see how poor sleep effects skin. Indeed, there’s no doubt about it, getting some serious kip benefits skin. Spending […]

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Sleigh bed with storage

Slay It With A Sleigh Bed With Storage

A Sleigh Bed with Storage, Classic and Functional. Slay it with a sleigh bed with storage. If you want a bed that will be the star of the bedroom and practical too then you need sleigh bed with storage. Indeed, these beds will win your heart and head. In fact, with a sleigh bed with […]

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Ottoman Bed Frame

An Ottoman Bed Frame Could Answer Your Prayers

Buy an Ottoman Bed Frame for Practicality that’s Beautiful too. Could an Ottoman bed frame change your life? Sounds dramatic, but we think these beds are real game changers. Not only do they look fabulous but they’ve got buckets loads of storage too. If you’re in the market for a new bed then you really […]

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British manufacturing

British Manufacturing and Why you Should Support It

Supporting British Manufacturing. At Beds On Legs we champion British manufacturing. We believe it’s important to support home grown talent. Enabling local economy is also important to us. We think British manufacturing is second to none.  Furthermore, we think it’s important to offer our customers a wide range British made products. In fact, the majority […]

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One Mattress

One Mattress, Can It Be Suitable For All?

Does One Mattress Fit All? There’s a new concept that’s sweeping through the bed world and it’s the idea that one mattress can fit all. You can’t scroll through social media or read a magazine without being faced with an advert for a mattress that is supposedly the only one that you’ll ever need.  With […]

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End Lift Ottoman Bed

The End Lift Ottoman Bed for all your Storage Needs

Beautiful and Practical, the End Lift Ottoman Bed If you’re looking for more storage then an end lift Ottoman bed could be your secret weapon. These beds are the masters of disguise. To the untrained eye you would never know that an end lift Ottoman has such a copious amount of storage on offer. Indeed […]

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velvet storage beds

Velvet Storage Beds Have It All

Velvet Storage Beds, Sassy and Practical If you like to indulge in the finer things in life then you’ll love our velvet storage beds. Soft to touch, glorious to look at and with nifty storage options these beds take some beating. There’s nothing quite like collapsing in one of our velvet storage beds after a […]

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Romantic bedroom

Romantic Bedroom Ideas That You’ll Love

Fall in Love with a Romantic Bedroom With Valentines day on the horizon it’s the perfect time to think about creating a romantic bedroom. If there is any room in where you can indulge in the whimsical then it’s the bedroom. Not all romantic bedrooms have to be overtly feminine either. Indeed dark and moody […]

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