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bedroom flooring

Bedroom Flooring, All You Need To Know

Don’t Get Floored By Bedroom Flooring Bedroom flooring might be the last thing you think about when decorating your bedroom. However, bedroom flooring is of uttermost importance when it comes to finishing off your bedroom. Indeed, the flooring can quite literally be the icing on the cake. Indeed, there are a number of different bedroom […]

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dressing your bed

Dressing Your Bed Like A Pro

Dressing Your Bed in Three Easy Steps When it comes to completing your bedroom you need to pay special attention to dressing your bed. Indeed, your bed often takes centre stage and therefore you need to make sure you nail it. Dressing your bed should be the icing on the cake and should set the […]

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navy bedroom

Get Moody With A Navy Bedroom

Create A Dramatic Navy Bedroom In 2020 If you’re considering having a navy bedroom then you’re not on your own. Indeed, grey bedrooms have ruled the roost for the last few years. However, the new kid on the block, the navy bedroom, is starting to come into it’s own. If you think a navy bedroom […]

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Bedroom TV

Getting The Best Out Of Your Bedroom TV

Practical Solutions For A Bedroom TV If you’re in the market for a bedroom TV then there are a number of ways of achieving this. Let’s be honest, at this time of year when the gails are blowing strongly nothing can feel better than cosying up in bed and watching your favourite programme. Or perhaps […]

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A Guide to Understanding REM Sleep

Rapid Eye Movement A lot of us know that REM stands for rapid eye movement. Indeed, some may even associate REM with the American rock band and Michael Stipe! However, did you know that REM is an extremely important part of the sleep process? It is in this phase that dreaming occurs and memories are solidified. […]

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New Year

New Year, New Sleep Routine

Get Better Sleep This New Year As the new year fastly approaches you may be considering making a resolution or two. Maybe you’re going to make a date with gym. Or perhaps you want to make more time for your loved ones and cut down on your work commitments. However, here at Beds On Legs […]

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sleep hacks

Sleep Hacks For Winter: Read Our Guide Here

Sleep Hacks For Winter Are you looking for sleep hacks for winter? Then you’ve come to the right place! Because here at Beds On Legs we love all things sleep related. Indeed, as the nights get colder and darker many of us need to implement sleep hacks to get the best kip we can get. […]

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Duvet Day

Why A Duvet Day Is Good For You

You’ve Got That Duvet Day Feeling We all know that duvet day feeling. Your alarm goes off but your get and go has gone. The idea of peeling back the covers and getting on with your day fills you with dread. So what do you do? Indeed, if you’re at work you might be tempted […]

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lie in

Is A Lie In Bad For Your Health?

The Big Lie In As the holiday season is up on us you may be looking forward to a well deserved lie in. Sometimes there is nothing more exciting than not having to set your alarm for the next morning. Instead you can stay buried under your duvet covers and snooze away the morning and […]

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Bedroom Christmas

How To Make Your Bedroom Christmas Ready

Get Your Bedroom Christmas Ready For A Magical Feeling. ‘Tis the season to get your bedroom Christmas ready. As the big day rapidly approaches now is the time to deck your bedroom with bells and holly. Indeed, many of us bring the festivities into the main living areas but don’t bother with our bedrooms. Baa […]

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