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Glorious Beds in Hull

The search for Beds in Hull is over. If you’re looking for beds in Hull then you need to make sure you visit our showroom.  Whilst we mainly retail online we believe it is still important to have a bricks and mortar showroom.  We specialise in fabric beds and have a generous selection on show. […]

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Kaydian Beds add New Lines

Kaydian Beds for unbeatable quality. Kaydian Beds score top marks for quality, style and practicality.  When selecting products for our website we place the highest value on quality .  We believe that if it isn’t good enough for our homes then it’s not good enough for yours.  We rigorously research all the beds we have […]

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Sleep well, feel well.

How to sleep well. The million dollar question when it comes to the land of nod has to be how to get a good night’s sleep. The internet has an abundance of tips and tricks on how to get a good kip. With so much advice out there it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, adding to […]

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Botanical Bedrooms, Inviting Nature In.

Natured inspired Botanical Bedrooms Spring has finally arrived and we’re going barmy for botanical bedrooms. Leaf and botanical prints have become a massive trend and show no signs of losing popularity. As more of us try to create an oasis of calm we are turning to nature to inspire our home interiors. What’s more, house […]

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What Bedroom Colour Scheme?

Choosing a bedroom colour scheme. Deciding what bedroom colour scheme to use may seem simple at first.  You pick a colour you like, grab a paint brush and you’re ready to rock.  However, colour psychology is particularly important in the bedroom.  Colour can have a massive influence on our moods.  Our bedroom need to be […]

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Is the TV Bed the perfect indulgence ?

The TV Bed, the Daddy of all beds. Nothing quite says luxury more than owning a TV Bed. If there was a premier league of beds then the TV bed would surly be in the top spot. Picture this, it’s a dark wintry night and you’re all snuggled up in your pjs whilst watching your […]

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Triple Bunk Beds, Space Saving Masterpieces.

Triple Bunk Beds, the daddy of the bunk bed world. Triple bunk beds, bunk beds with bells on. We all know what a bunk bed is. Many of you are bound to have fond memories of fighting over who got the top bunk. But do you know what a triple bunk is? Well we’re here […]

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Super king size beds, is bigger better?

Super king size beds. There are lots of things you should consider when deciding if you should take the plunge and buy a super sized bed. Super king size beds can be a fantastic addition to any ones bedroom.  However, here at Beds on Legs we know that choosing the right bed size can sometimes […]

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Guest Beds, Space Saving Solutions.

Guest beds, what are they? A guest bed is a great solution for when space is limited. Guest beds are made up of a main bed and a trundle bed (second bed). The trundle bed slides underneath when not in use. This means that they take up a lot less room than a double bed […]

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Divan Ottoman Bed

Velvet Beds on Top for 2018

Velvet Beds Soft to touch and alluring to the senses, velvet beds can quench your thirst for luxury. Velvet beds have been hot to trot in 2017 . The trend is set to continue into 2018.  The nations love of velvet beds, traditional and contemporary, is showing no signs of slowing. With many different options […]

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