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sleep aid

Can’t Sleep? Try A Sleep Aid.

How A Sleep Aid Might Help You Sleep. If you’re struggling to get off to the land of nod you might want to consider using a sleep aid. Without a doubt, sleep deprivation can have some pretty nasty side effects on body on soul. Not only can you end up with eye bags the size of […]

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summer bedroom

How To Create A Summer Bedroom

Create A Summer Bedroom As you cast off your winter woollies and don your summer threads now is the time to create a summer bedroom. Whilst spring is the traditional time for a good turf out if you haven’t had the chance then now is the perfect time. Creating a summer bedroom should be fun […]

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Latest Ottoman Beds

The Latest Ottoman Beds At Beds On Legs

Introducing The Latest Ottoman Beds If you’re looking for the latest Ottoman beds then you’ve come to the right place. Here, at Beds On Legs we’re passionate about Ottoman beds. Without a doubt these nifty beds have taken the bed world by storm. Indeed, over the last few years these beds have been flying off […]

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soothing bedroom

How To Create A Soothing Bedroom

Create A Soothing Bedroom Modern living can be extremely stressful and creating a soothing bedroom can help to combat this. Without a doubt, your home can be therapy and antidote to the hectic outside world. As the saying goes every man’s home is his castle. We believe that your sleeping space should be a sanctuary. […]

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luxury fabric bed

Looking For A Luxury Fabric Bed?

Buy A Luxury Fabric Bed For A Glamorous Look. If you’re looking for a luxury fabric bed then we’ve got some plush little numbers that will have your eyes on stalks. In fact, here at Beds On Legs, we pride ourselves on our range of insta worthy fabric beds. If you want the Joneses to […]

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Tired All The Time? Our Guide On Possible Causes

Tired All The Time Being tired all this time isn’t a whole lot of fun. You wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, trudge through the day with concrete wellies on then collapse into bed. Indeed, it is so widespread that it even has its own acronym TATT. Being tired all the time can have […]

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choosing an Ottoman Bed

Choosing An Ottoman Bed, All You Need To Know

A Guide to Choosing An Ottoman Bed Firstly let us congratulate you on choosing an Ottoman bed. You have made the first step to a clutter free and stylish bedroom. Without a doubt, once you have an Ottoman bed in your life there will be no looking back. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll find […]

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bunk bed safe

Are Bunk Beds Safe? All The Facts

Are Bunk Beds Safe? Bunk beds are popular choices for children but are bunk beds safe? Without a doubt, every parent’s top priority is the safety of their children.  Whilst a bunk bed is the bed of dreams for many children, parents understandably need reassurance. Thankfully, you can rest easy as today’s regulations are exceptional. […]

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sleep during a pandemic

How To Sleep During A Pandemic

How To Sleep During A Pandemic Sleep during a pandemic can be extremely difficult. Currently we are dealing with coronavirus and everyday life is changing as we know it. Indeed, many people are self isolating and anxiety is felt by many. We are facing a period of unprecedented uncertainty in peace time.  Therefore, it is […]

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spring clean your bedroom

Spring Clean Your Bedroom This April

Spring Into Action And Spring Clean Your Bedroom As we remain in lock down this the perfect time to spring clean your bedroom. Spring is traditionally a great time for clearing out the cobwebs and getting your house in order. Sometimes a good turf out can be cleansing for the soul and can help to […]

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