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child sleep better

How To Help Your Child Sleep Better

Helping Your Child Sleep Better. Getting children up the apple and pairs can literally feel like an up hill battle. Furthermore, helping your child sleep better can be equally as challenging Indeed, there are many parents across the breadth of the country who struggle with the sleeping habits of their children. Sleep is crucial for […]

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perfect bed

How To Find The Perfect Bed

5 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Bed So you’re in the market for a new bed and you’ve started to scour the shops and the internet for the right one. Your Pinterest boards are awash with pictures of beds and you’re starting to feel like your never going to make your mind up. Indeed, finding […]

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crazy dog beds

Crazy Dog Beds For Every Pooch

Crazy Dog Beds For Our Furry Friends If your four legged friend lives a five star luxury lifestyle then you’ll go potty for these crazy dog beds. Without a doubt, when it comes to our fur baby’s we’re not afraid to indulge in the whimsical. All you need to do is punch in ‘crazy dogs […]

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Reading Before Bed

Reading Before Bed, Is It Good For You?

The Benefits Of Reading Before Bed As the saying goes ‘A book lover never goes to bed alone’. Reading before bed exercises the brain like a gym exercises the body. The benefits of reading before bed are copious. Not only is it a great way of chilling out, it can help increase creativity whilst simultaneously […]

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Bees Knees Divan Beds

Bees Knees Divan Beds At Beds On Legs

Beds On Legs Proudly Presents The Bees Knees Divan Beds We’ve scoured far and wide to bring you our collection of bees knees divan beds. This is a selection of our finest divan beds. Each bed has been carefully selected and has been through a rigorous selection to make the grade. Indeed, we’re as proud […]

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sleep aids

Sleep Aids, The Power Of The Flower

Natures Sleep Aids, Flowers That Encourage Sleep Flowers are one of the most precious gifts of nature. Flowers delight the eyes and senses. However, numerous flowers are also used as sleep aids. So read our top picks at Beds On Legs for creating a tropical oasis that will send you off to the land of […]

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common dreams

Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Common Dreams And What They Really Mean. There are quite a number of common dreams and dream experts can give us an insight in to what they really mean. From being butt naked in public to losing your beautiful gnashers, these dreams are representative of our inner beliefs and anxieties. Some people can remember their […]

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The Difference Between Divan Beds And Bedsteads

Divan Beds and Bedsteads, What’s The Difference? Divan beds and bedsteads are two distinct and different types of beds. However, many people haven’t got a scooby what the actual differences are. After all a bed is just a bed isn’t it? Not quite…indeed not all beds are equal. In fact, divan beds and bedsteads have […]

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Repetitive Thoughts

Repetitive Thoughts, Ease Them For Restful Sleep

Distraction techniques to help with repetitive thoughts To Aid Sleep Getting some much needed shut eye can sometimes feel like trying to run a marathon without the training.  Millions of Brits across the country really struggle to get the sleep they need.  Repetitive thoughts are a major stumbling block for many of us. When your mind feels […]

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guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom, How To Make The Most Of Yours

How To Make The Most Of Your Guest Bedroom The humble guest bedroom is often the most neglected bedroom in the house. All to often it becomes the ‘dumping’ ground for all manner of things. Furthermore, it is often the most underutilised space. But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be […]

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