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Bed Buying Guide

Now this is rather an epic topic for us to break down for you but we are more than up to the challenge to guide you along this bed buying process!

The first thing we suggest is that you either peruse through our website, perhaps take a gander at some of our mood boards. You could also look through some interior magazines and blogs to get a good idea of the look you are going for. This extra bit of research will be invaluable in making sure you will be happy with your purchase and the look it will help create in your bedroom.

What Size Bed Should I Get?

The simplest answer to this question is the biggest one you can fit in your room. The reason we say this is because the most important thing that happens in your bedroom is that you sleep! I’m sure you’ll all agree we didn’t decide to call it the BEDroom because you play Xbox in there until your hearts content. The bigger the space you have means you can really stretch your limbs out and not be disturbed by any other being in the bed, thus having the best night’s sleep possible.
No matter the space you have available we will have a bed that will fit. If you are short on space, perhaps consider a 4ft Bed or a Divan style bed. The ever popular 4ft Small Double Bed comes in all styles and finishes. Divan Beds have joined the 21st Century and are now available in a variety of super swish colours and finishes. You can also select a chic headboard to finish the look off.

What Type of Bed Should I Get?

We have 6 types of bed to choose from. Our categories are quite straight forward. We have Fabric Upholstered Beds, Ottoman Beds, Metal Beds, Faux Leather Beds, Wooden Beds and TV Beds. From your initial research you may be able to determine which one of these styles that you like. If you are still not sure, why don’t you click on each option, choose your size and scroll down the page to see what is jumping out at you.

What can your bed do for you?

Next ask yourself what do I need from my bed? Do I just need a place to rest my weary bones? or do I want a bed that is a multitasker? Your bed will take up the largest amount of space in your bedroom, so why not make practical use of the space it takes? Perhaps you need to consider Storage Beds? Ottoman Beds (lift up beds) and drawer beds are the way of the future!
If you are a box set lover and want to catch up on your latest selection then maybe a TV Bed is the way to go.

Ottoman Storage Beds

Also known as lift up beds, Ottoman Storage Beds are super clever little creations! Not only do they look stylish they also store away all of your worldly goods. Let us give you the low down on Ottoman Beds to let you judge if this is the right style for you.

Why Do We Recommend Ottoman Storage Beds?

  • Stylish space saving solution- They come in a number of stunning finishes and colours to make the most out of your bedroom.
  • Maximise the storage space- Double up as a bed & storage solution, hiding a multitude of items such as bedding, suitcases and out of season clothes and any other bits and bobs you don’t want on display
  • Increase the feeling of space- They reduce the need for having extra furniture such as wardrobes or drawers making a room feel more spacious and clutter free, this is perfect for smaller guest rooms.
  • Easy access to items- User friendly storage space, you can see all of your items without having to pull everything out the way to get at them. Access to all your things is much easier with the majority of ottoman having an easy gas lift-up solution.

What Designs & Finishes are Available?

  • Upholstered Fabric, Faux Leather & Wooden

There are endless designs, styles and shapes. You do not have to forgo style for practicality when choosing an Ottoman bed. We have Hotel Style headboards and buttoned headboards.

For people who have small spaces available Divan Style Ottoman Beds are a great choice. A divan style ottoman bed would be the perfect addition to a guest room/spare room. These rooms are generally ‘the box’ room so opting for a frame that does not have the extra bulk of a headboard and foot board will reduce the impact on your floor space. They come with a choice of several different headboards and numerous colour choices and fabric finishes.

What Opening Styles Are Available?

  • End Lift, Side Lift & Half Lift

Depending on the design you choose you can select from an end lift or a side lift or even a half lift. This should make fitting this item to your room specifications so much easier. If you are wanting more flexibility with this decisions we would suggest going for any of the following, the Cavendish, Luna or Amber ottoman beds. All of these styles benefit from a divan style base.

The Ottoman Beds listed above can have the opening on either side or either end of the base as the headboard can be attached to either end of the base.

Things You Should Think About
• How deep is the storage space area?
• What base bottom do I want?

The storage depth of every ottoman can vary considerably. Always check what depth is applicable to the one you are looking at. This measurement should be listed with the product dimensions.

A number of ottoman beds come with a boarded base but others do not. A boarded base is sometimes situated on the floor or it can be a floating floor. Other designs have a layer of fabric that sits on the floor. The more basic budget friendly options do not have a boarded base or fabric layer, your items will be placed directly on to the floor.

Fabric Upholstered Beds

Upholstered fabric beds are the best thing since sliced bread! We are head over heels for these beauties so let us tell you why. An upholstered fabric bed literally transforms a bedroom into a truly unique space. They create a bespoke look that will be entirely individual to you and the room it inhabits.

Texture & Feel

You can choose from Linen, Velvet, Crushed Velvet and Chenille to name but a few of the vast fabric finishes available. Depending on the fabric you choose you can create a stylish and luxurious look or a chic and cosy feel. If you are as mad about soft furnishings as us you will relish the chance to be your own interior designer and create your very own perfect space with our selection of fabulous fabric fancies.

Bespoke Bedrooms

With an upholstered fabric bed you will have oodles of fabric and colour choices to choose from. With many of our fabric beds you can also choose the style of headboard to go with it. This then gives you the possibility of tailoring your choices to create a truly unique sanctuary to retreat in to.

What Do I Need From My Fabric Bed?

A fabric bed isn’t just a good looking bed to sleep on. It can have a dual purpose if needed. We have Fabric Ottoman Storage Beds, Fabric Drawer Beds and Fabric TV Beds.